About Mark

I grew up in the South West of England where I developed a deep fascination with wildlife. I developed this into a thirty-year career as a research biologist and ecologist. One of the key skills of a biologist is being observant with an eye for detail. These are equally important for a photographer.

My interests in photography developed in my teens. Early on I learnt to process my own black and white images which did much to help me understand the various components which build to make a good image.

I have been fortunate to travel extensively both for work and pleasure. I am always keen to capture the images of places new to me. Though the focus is usually on the wildlife and landscapes, I am increasingly drawn to the ways of life of people in the places I visit.

In 2005 I travelled to Antarctica for the first time and was mesmerised by its rugged beauty. I am now privileged to work there each year as a wildlife guide and alongside amazing professional photographers. Many of these have given me the inspiration to improve my photography. Much of what you see on this website is from Antarctica.

Mark at work
Mark at work

Mark is the one at the back of the zodiac guiding a group of passengers from One Ocean Expedition. The surprise and excitement of all was electric as two Humpback Whales surfaces right by the boat!

I continue with my biology related career as an independent consultant alongside my work as a guide in Antarctica.

I frequently give and am available to give talks about Antarctica to a range of audiences including wildlife groups, schools and charities.